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Supposed you are new to Bad North? Yes? Then I suggest you try out the game a few times before reading this, since learning is a part of playing the game! No? Then I bet you are here to see if you've known everything I mention yet.

Hopefully this will be useful for you!


Ally units[]

You have 3 main unit types Infantry, Archers, Pikes and 1 basic Militia unit type. Generally, Militia are mediocre at best and provide nothing else other than raw melee damage. While for the other 3 are stronger/ weaker in according to the situation.

Counter Chart
Unit Good Against Even Against Bad Against
Infantry Militia, Archers Infantry ,Huscarls, Brute Archers, Dual-Wielders Brutes
Archers Millitia, Dual-Wielders Infantry, Archers, Huscarls Brutes, Brute Archers
Pikes Millitia, Infantry, Brutes Huscarls Archers, Dual-Wielders, Brute Archers

Infantry: Infantry can block arrows and sometime melee attack, making them the main damage tanker. They are used to protect more vulnerable units (Archers, Militia, Commanders) or, since they deal damage much more consistently, can be used to chase down enemies. This makes Infantry suitable of handling almost any situation . "Durable, Versatile, Reliable."

Archers: Archers are best used to thin out hordes of enemy and works best when the enemy are still on their ships. Against shield wielding enemies, Archers' can also knock them off their ship. Do note that Archers' accuracy, range and attack speed all increase with upgrades, especially accuracy. Generally, Archers' purpose is to reduce ally's casualties.

Pikes: Although Pikes can't attack while moving, they do extremely well holding their ground against melee units (with one exception: Dual-wielders). Pikes rely on choke-points and slopes to work at their peak performance. On flat islands, Pikes can be optional unless Brutes are presented.


  • Although Archers are heavily countered by shield-wielding enemies on land, they can still have the upper hand by knocking them off their ship and it's quite easy to do so. That's why Archers are even against them.
  • Saying that Archers are bad without hills are wrong. Archers do shoot further from elevated points, but the increased range is too short and shooting horizontally from the ground hits more consistently.

Gold spending[]