A Brute Archer with his big bow

Brute Archers are Brutes-version of Archers. They have a very powerful, accurate ranged attack from a long distance (about 6 - 7 tiles ) and will have to recharge for about 2 seconds after every shot. Much like Brutes' attack, Brute Archers' attack hits like a truck and will send your troops flying if they're not dead after the impact. They can also take about 3 or 4 hits before dying.

They come in group of 2 - 5, usually 2, sometime they come alone. But multiple ships may approach the island at the same time.

Basic counter: Troop positioning.

Strengths Edit

  • Can 1-shot most unit.
  • Can survive a few hits without falling in battle.
  • Will decimate every unit that cannot block ranged attacks. (Pikes and Archers.)
  • Seemingly 100% accurate shots. Move your units while their arrows are flying to evade.
  • High knockback (even if blocked), may throw units into water which causes them to drown.

Weaknessess Edit

  • Can't block ranged attacks. Though normal Archers can not match them.
  • Often in low numbers.
  • Weak against Infantry.
  • Weak against a high level Plunge.
  • Cannot shoot units who are on elevated positions if they are too close to the overlooking ledge.

Strategy Edit

They are very good at thinning your troops out so that the next incoming waves so it is important to avoid this at all costs, hide your units behind big houses ,hills. Using abilities like Plunge or Volley to instantly kill them from a safe position is the best way to minimize the effectiveness of Brute Archers. Rushing them with Infantry is a great option if the terrain allow you to. Although they outmatch Archers entirely on plain terrains, Archers can be positioned on high grounds ( >=2 titles tall) so that Archers can attack Brute Archers without risking any units. Pike Charge can also be used in certain situations, but it's not advised to do so since pikes don’t have shields to black incoming arrows, thus taking a larger number of troops, also it’s rarely effective enough to kill them.

Having a Sure-footed Infantry unit taking the arrows for an Archer unit to shoot might be the one of the safest options (do note that by this way, you don't have to scramble your formation to avoid their arrows)

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