The tankiest enemies a player will face

Brutes are tall, bulky melee enemies and are likely the strongest melee enemies in the game with the most damage and health. Although they have no shield to block ranged attacks or pike attacks, they can survive multiple shots/hits.Their hit can 1-shot most unit and applies high knockback, can send units off for quite a distance. They usually appear in groups of 2 to 8, occasionally as single units.

Basic counter: Pikes .

Strengths Edit

  • Can 1-shot most unit.
  • Can survive multiple hits without falling in battle.
  • Will decimate Infantry units in melee.
  • High knockback, may throw units into water which causes them to drown.

Weaknessess Edit

  • Can't block ranged attacks 
  • Often in low numbers.
  • Weak against defensive Pikes.
  • Can be easily defeated by a high level Plunge or Warhammer.
  • Brutes will often favor attacking your units over burning houses which can be helpful in leading them into a pikewall.
  • Rather slow movement speed.

Strategy Edit

Pikes are Brutes' main counter, a level 1 Pikes can stop 2 (or even 3 Brutes while defending certain downhills) simultaneously with ease. Level 3 Archers with Ring of Command is a solid choice to weaken the Brutes , sometime even killing them. Although Level 3 Infantry can usually take a hit, it's still not advised to send one dealing with Brutes as they simply can not overwhelm them effectively and will often leave many casualties. Pike Charge and Warhammer can be used to knock them off the shore, ensuring their death or leave them stunned, vulnerable to Infantry.

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