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Two arms, two swords. The most aggressive enemies in the game.

Enemy Dual Wielder icon.

Dual Wielders are an aggressive melee enemy that prioritize killing troops over burning houses. If all alive troops are recovering in a house, they will simply head to the nearest house with troops inside, and wait for them to come out. They initiate by launching themselves into the air, performing an attack similar to Plunge. This attack does very well against large quantities of troops without protection. A small group (3-4 units) of Dual Wielders can heavily damage any squad other than level 3 Infantry squad. Their special Jump attack recharge after about 3 seconds.

Dual Wielders can come in groups of 1, up to 12.

Basic counter: Archers .

This enemy was added in Jotunn Edition, replacing the Berserkers.


  • Performs fairly well against hordes of units for a melee enemy.
  • Once they've set foot on land, only level 3 Infantry squad can somewhat hold them back.
  • Jump attack has an AOE knockback that also deals high damage.
  • Jump attack can be used to bypass downhill chokepoints, making Pikes nearly useless against them.
  • Jump attack can be deadly if many Dual Wielders uses it at the same time.
  • Only Elite Archers can one-shot via range.
  • Dual wielders don't target buildings and go straight for any units on the island


  • Vulnerable to ranged attacks, especially when they're on their ship


The best way to deal with them is to have an Archer squad shooting at them while they are still approaching. If they manage to get off the ship, using Infantry with a supportive Archer squad is never bad. Infantry seems to do quite well holding their feet Because of how the jump attack works, a horde of 10 or more Dual Wielders with Jump attack available will clear out even a full health level 3 Infantry in 6 seconds or less.

Since pikes are extremely weak in close-quarters combat, it is recommended to not engage dual wielders with pikes. However, you can bait them to use their jump attack, run away, and then lure them into pikes, effectively killing them. Do note that they recharge their attack rather quickly.

Like most enemies, they are vulnerable to well-used abilities.