An Infantry group in their normal state

Infantry are upgraded Recruits and a very common type of enemy. They are able to block attacks to receive significantly less damage (only about 10%). Their shield are only lowered when in melee range to attack, so we can say they counter Archers. They are, however, vulnerable to defensive pike formations and upgraded Infantry.

Travel in groups of 1 to 10.

Basic counter: Pikes; Infantry.

Strengths Edit

  • Perform well against Militia and Archers in melee combat.
  • Can block attack to reduce 90% of the blocked hit. (Can occasionally get hit by arrows even if they are blocking.)

Weaknesses Edit

  • Can't block attacks when engaged in melee combat.
  • Perform rather badly against defensive pike units.
  • Vulnerable to seemingly all special attacks.

Strategy Edit

Pikes are Infantry's main counters. Eventhough they block arrows, Archers can still assist your other squads dealing with them so pair them with other squads if needed. Archers can also knock Infantry into the water if given enough force, this is easiest when they are still on their boat and the angle is right.

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