Three Recruits on a boat, vulnerable to any ranged attack


Enemy Militia waiting for their allies.

Militia are the weakest type of enemy class you will encounter throughout a whole campaign. They can show up in all sorts of numbers, from as low as 3 up to big groups of 18.

Milita tend to go in big hordes, smaller group will usually wait for more of their Militia if they see a big number of your unit.

Basic counter : Any .

Strengths Edit

  • Can show up in large numbers, overwhelming your troops.

Weaknesses Edit

  • No shields.
  • Low damage and health.
  • Overall vulnerable to all kind of damage, especially ranged attacks of any sort.

Strategy Edit

Unless they attack in a big group, any squad should be able to stop them. They can be easily countered by level 2 or above Archers or Pikes of any level. However, even big hordes of Militia are useless when attacking Pikes from downhills.

If they show up in big hordes, it's recommended that you use Archers to thin them down before their ships reaches the shore.



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