Jabena is an item which have a chance to drop after successfully defending an Item Island. Jabena was added in the Jotunn Edition update.

Equiping Jabena to one of your commanders will allow you to use him/her twice each campain turn. Jabena can not be upgraded.

As with most item in the game, once it is assigned to a commander, it cannot be removed anymore. You can choose Jabena as a starting item once you have unlocked it.

Recommended Edit

  • Infantry may be the best unit to be equipped with Jabena for their high versatility and ability to deal with most enemy.
  • Any unit can use Jabena effectively.
  • Do note that the commander equiped with Jabena doesn't have the utilities from many other items, so later on, that lacked power ensure that that commander will more likely not to be 1 of your 4 strongest squad.
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