A unit of Militia standing next to a unit of Pikes

Militia ( AKA Recruits) are the lowest type of unit class and most of your units will start as this class, there are exceptions, because some new commanders may have an unit pre-specified.

They can be upgraded to either InfantryArchers, or Pikes for 6 coins. This action can't be reverted.

They are the weakest type of unit you can have, and are weak against most enemy units. Any enemy unit other than Archers (in melee combat) and Militia will pose a major threat to your Militia.

Strengths Edit

  • Perform well enough against Archers (in melee combat) and Militia.

Weaknesses Edit

  • No shields; this makes them vulnerable to most attacks.
  • Slower moving than upgraded units, poor melee initiative and trip more often.



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