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A Planted Mine

Mines is an item which have a chance to drop after successfully defending an Item Island. Mines was added in the Jotunn Edition update.

Mines can be given to your commander  in order to give them the ability to plant a mine that will explode upon impact with an enemy, up to 2 mines per island. The explosion will deal a decent amount of damage, knockback units and stun them, it can be upgraded to level 2 for 8 coins and level 3 for 14 coins. Each upgrade increase the number of mine you can plant per island by 1 , level 3 upgrade also provides a more poweful explosion with bigger explosion and higher damage ,enough to kill a level 3 Infantry at point blank.

As with every item in the game, once it is assigned to a commander, it cannot be removed anymore.You can choose Mines as a starting item once you have unlocked it.


  • Any unit can utilize this item to it's potential.


  • Can be useful for blocking a choke point.
  • Can be used many times per island.


  • Hard to use effectively.
  • Have to set up before the enemy arrive.


  • Can harm your own units.
  • It's explosion can sometime hit your troops if they are standing next to a mine tile, almost guarenteed with a level 3 Mines.
  • Mines are activated way earlier if it's placed where the enemy land their ship, resulting in an ineffective explosion, dealing minor damage.