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Pike Charge's basic icon.

Pike Charge is Pikes' unique skill that can be unlocked for 7 coins. Pike Charge gives Pikes the ability to charge their spear forward 3 tiles in a line, dealing significant damage to any enemy caught in their way, killing nearly everything except Brutes. Pikes will instantly set-up and be ready to defend after the charge. Pike Charge is a powerful offensive tool, and is the most promising way for a Pikes squad to deal with Archers, if used correctly, it can wipe out an entire wave while taking little to no casualties at all. Pike Charge will not be canceled by any attack, although Pikes are not invulnerable to attacks, meaning arrows and Dual Wielders' Jump attack can still kill your Pikes.

In Jotunn Edition update, Pike Charge can be used diagonally in various angles.

Pike Charge being used to clear out a group of Militia, pushing them over.

Pike Charge can be upgraded to level 2 for 10 coins which removes it's range limitation, allow Pikes to continue charging until they reach an obstacle. For 14 coins, you can upgrade Pike Charge to level 3, gaining increased power, killing Brutes and anything else that might have otherwise survived the attack.

Once used in battle, Pike Charge will automatically recharge over time until it can be used again. A small icon of the skill will appear over the commanders unit for a short amount of time, when the ability has been recharged.


  • Obstacles will stop the charge, though you can identify them when selecting the skill, as it shows all eligible fields for the charge from the pike's current position.