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Regenerate and Flee are two basic commands in a Commander's action bar.

Regenerate is available whenever the commander's squad is missing atleast 1 unit, using Regenerate will allow you to choose 1 intact house to occupie and regenerate your squad to full size. Given "N" as the squad's size, Regenerate will take 2*N seconds to execute , no matter how many units that squad is missing, so by standard, 1 squad usually take 18 seconds to replenish. When Regenerate is being executed, that squad can not perform any additional command nor canceling Regenerate until it is finished.

Flee is available for a squad whenever there is an empty presented enemy ship that can carry more than the squad's current size including the commander. Flee will allow a commander to safely abandon the island before the viking waves end. This action can not be canceled/ reverted once executed.


  • Ring of Command increases squad's size, this will increase Regenerate's time from 18 to 24 seconds at level 1 and to 32 seconds at level 2.
  • You can let few units die to fit squad into smaller ships.
  • When a squad is still regenerating inside the house, the enemy will not completely destroy the house and will wait for the squad to come out.