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Volley's basic icon.

Volley is Archers' unique ability that can be unlocked for 7 coins. Volley gives your Archers the ability to fire a volley of arrows, dealing significant damage to enemies on 1 targeted tile. Tiles can be blocked from being targeted by Volley if obstacles are in the way, so having Archers on the high ground will open up more tiles for the Volley. Volley has quite a long travel time and may require sometime to get used to.

Volley can be upgraded to level 2 for 10 coins which causes more arrows to be fired in the volley. And for 14 coins, level 3 Volley fires even more arrows per use allowing the ability to do more damage.

Once used in battle, Volley will automatically recharge over time until it can be used again. A small icon of the skill will appear over the commanders unit for a short amount of time, when the ability has been recharged.


  • Can kill enemies holding shields.
  • This skill also does not damage your troops.
  • With a fully upgraded ring of command volley will hit both in the square it was intended to hit in, and half of each adjacent square.




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