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Warhammer is an item which have a chance to drop after successfully defending an Item Island.

The Ring of Command of offensive items. The Warhammer can be given to your commanders in order to give them the ability to throw themselves at the enemy to deal damage and strongly knock them back (Useful to drown enemy units.)

Warhammer can be upgraded to level 2 for 8 coins and level 3 for 14 coins, each increases it's power even more.

Once used in battle, the ability will have to recharges for 40 seconds to be used again. A small icon of the skill will appear over the commanders unit for a short amount of time, when the ability has been recharged.

Be careful when using it, the attack can harm your own units too!

As with most item in the game, once it is assigned to a commander, it cannot be removed anymore. You can choose Warhammer as a starting item once you have unlocked it.


  • Suitable for all three unit classes.
  • Best used with Infantry so they can fairly easily handle Brutes, the most difficult unit for them to handle.
  • If you have poor pike placement, you can warhammer the attackers so your pikes will have time to recuperate and commit stabby


  • Very useful for drowning enemy soldiers (Throwing them into the water with the skill's attack knockback.)
  • Can harm your own units.
  • Can be used on same height as target field only.
  • *Very useful for when a large group of enemies exits a boat. If used as the boat hits the shore, at level 1, and more consistently at higher level (Due to its further power and range) the warhammer will send the entire wave back into the water effectively skipping the wave.*
  • Warhammer does not allow your commander to leap over a low wall.

Con of Warhammer to Bomb[]

  • While on a cooldown, if bomb is upgraded to level two a second bomb can be thrown shortly after the first when needed which may be necessary at times, whereas warhammer you must always wait for the cooldown to finish before using it again.